S     P     E     E     C     H                            L     A     N     G     U     A     G     E                        V     O     I     C     E




Fast ForWord is a series of computer-based therapy programs that utilize research on how the brain learns language to assist those with a variety language-learning disorders, such as dyslexia, auditory processing disorders and other language-learning impairments.

These individuals are not able to distinguish the rapidly changing sound elements and sequences of on-going speech because their brains cannot process these sound elements quickly enough. The computer exercises acoustically alter speech sounds so they are more readily distinguishable by those with language-learning impairments. 

There are several different programs depending on the needs of the individual:

Fast ForWord Language Series builds the following foundational language skills for pre-school and elementary school students:

  • sound sequencing
  • fine motor skills
  • hand-eye coordination
  • pattern recognition
  • color-shape identification
  • listening accuracy
  • phonological awareness
  • language structures
  • emphasizing the link between spoken and written language (to prepare students for reading)

Fast ForWord Reading Series builds the following skills for students from pre-school through high school:

  • letter recognition and naming
  • phonological awareness
  • letter-sound associations
  • phonemic awareness
  • early decoding skills
  • vocabulary knowledge and skills
  • motivation for reading
  • applying phonics and decoding strategies
  • improving word recognition
  • understanding the rules for reading comprehension
  • reading knowledge and fluency
  • phonology and spelling
  • morphological properties and complexity
  • syntactic complexity
  • vocabulary and comprehension
  • word origins and forms
  • sentence structures and punctuation rules to improve comprehension
  • enhancing advanced reading comprehension and expanding vocabulary skills

We consider Fast ForWord™ as one of our tools for auditory-language processing therapy. We will review any history and previous test results as an indication of the appropriateness of Fast ForWord. We provide comprehensive testing, program planning, guidance and computer-based monitoring for the duration of this powerful program.