Fast ForWordTM
Fast ForwordTM is a suite of computer-based therapy programs based on three decades of research by Drs. Michael Merznich, Paula Tallal and others at Scientific Learning. They have tested this program on thousands of children throughout the US and Canada. On average, after only 6-8 weeks of daily computer exercises, language-learning impaired children ages 4 and up showed improvement of one and a half to two years in speech processing and language ability. Students have shown gains of two to four years in reading skills after 8 weeks.

The Center provides the initial evaluation, web-based monitoring for home use or an in-office monitored computer lab, as well as pre- and post-testing and consultation. For more information on this innovative and successful program see our Fast ForWord page. 

SpeechEasyTM for Stutterers

Utilizing advanced miniture digital technology, SpeechEasy is the smallest most discrete fluency device available. This device has a high customer satisfaction rating and is supported by outstanding service and support. The Center provides the initial evaluation plus two follow-up sessions for training and adjustment. For more information, see our SpeechEasy page.

"Your Voice: A Tool for Success" Speech and Voice Improvement Workbook and CDs
This workbook was written and designed by Pamela H. Bashor,CCC-SLP for people who wish to work at home to improve theirvoice and pronunciation of Standard American English. The five CDs included contain exercises and models recorded by Mrs. Bashor for practice. For more information, see our Your Voice Workbook page.



​Speech and Voice Improvement

Let us help you develop your speaking voice as a tool for success. We offer training for accent reduction, speech anxiety, public speaking and voice quality. We also work with singers, teachers and other professional voice users for treatment of and voice strain. For more information about our adult speech therapy servicessee our Fact Sheets page.


Communication Disorders

We offer targeted speech and language therapy for adults and children with a wide range of communication and learning disabilities including:early intervention

  • language development
  • articulation
  • language development
  • reading disorders
  • stuttering 
  • auditory processing disorders
  • autism spectrum and other pervasive development disorders (PDD)
  • hearing impairment
  • cleft palate and other oral/facial anomalies
  • cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders
  • aphasia, dysgraphia, apraxia and other speech disorders
See our Fact Sheets page


S     P     E     E     C     H                            L     A     N     G     U     A     G     E                        V     O     I     C     E