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SpeechEasy for Parkinson's Disorder

SpeechEasy PD User

The value of being able to communicate with others is vital in our daily lives. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, the ability to communicate effectively may no longer be an option. SpeechEasy PD can help. SpeechEasy is a tool to help you regain control of your speech. It is proven technology which can be used to increase speech intelligibility in those with Parkinson’s. For more information, log on to SpeechEasyPD.com and call us to schedule an evaluation to find out if the SpeechEasy PD is right for you.

There is a free fluency app for Parkinson's patients called Parkinson's Speech Aid available at the Apple app store. This app uses altered auditory feedback technology to simulate the effects of "Choral Speech" (speaking simultaneously with another person). It has been known for years that choral speech ca promote fluency. This effect is used in SpeachEasyPD - the smallest fluency device available.