S     P     E     E     C     H                            L     A     N     G     U     A     G     E                        V     O     I     C     E




SpeechEasy for Stutterers 

​SpeechEasy is a highly advanced stuttering aid that has been developed based on a well-documented phenomenon called the Choral Effect. The "choral effect" occurs when people who stutter speak or sing in unison with others and their stutter is dramatically reduced or even eliminated. This "choral effect" has been well documented for decades; however it is only recently that scientists have been able to re-create it in a small, wearable device that can used in everyday life. What has resulted are known as SpeechEasy fluency devices, based on theSpeechEasy technology that has proven to be very effective on fluency improvement.Pam says: "This device uses "delayed auditory feedback" together with "frequency altered feedback" to emulate choral speaking. Both delayed auditory feedback and choral speaking have long been used as a clinical tool to demonstrate to someone who stutters that he is capable of speaking more fluently outside the therapy room. I am excited about the this device because it has been and continues to be studied in a scientific manner with research published in established scientific journals. Studies show that about 80% of stutterers become more fluent with the combination of the SpeechEasy device and active fluency techniques.I conduct careful evaluations to determine the best approach to help clients become more fluent. That approach may include a recommendation of traditional speech therapy or the SpeechEasy device supported by traditional therapy and testing."